Comcast vs. the Cord Cutters –


“Comcast and the new, giant Comcast are going to do as much as they can to stop you from unbundling,” said Craig Aaron, president of Free Press, a consumer advocacy group. “In order for you to get content you like, you’re going to be pushed to pay the cable bill, too.”

via Comcast vs. the Cord Cutters –

I got rid of cable TV during the summer. I feel free!!!! However I use Time Warner Cable Internet (Premature freedom) with boost. Sometimes they have forgotten the boost. The speed is ok, less than what they say it should be, and the support is lacking.

I called up last week because the internet was out. I did the entire reboot and restart thing. They wanted to send someone out. The next day it was working ok. They forgot to tell themselves to cancel the appointment. This was not the first time this has happened. Can’t they tell when the internet is back up? Yes they can. Ugh.

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