Over a Billion Apps and Nothing on: Why should I install these apps?


Have you ever had this experience; while surfing the web asked to install an app for every website you land on. What is happening? Why do I need all these apps when the website works fine? Installing the app brings no value. I have installed some of them and then as quickly as I installed them I delete them. They are the same thing as the website…no value. 

The more apps out there, the more the app stores are clogged with mediocre junk, the more the overall noise level keeps going up, which leads directly to this profligate nagging. Companies keep asking how can we get people to find and install our amazing app instead of the one question they really should have asked.

Why the hell are we building an app in the first place?

I want to know who exactly is going to all the trouble of installing the McDonalds app on their device instead of simply visiting the McDonalds website in the browser as needed. What problem does that app solve for french fry enthusiasts that it needs to be permanently installed on your device? Why are they giving away free Big Macs just to get people to install this thing?

Jeff Atwood makes a great point here. I don’t see the value in installing their apps. Visiting the website works fine. Just seems that everyone has been on and is continuing the “we have to have an app” trend.  

via Coding Horror: App-pocalypse Now.

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