My Rediscovery of 3D Printing

My 3D Printer

I have been on a tear this week looking for information about 3D printers. I’m fascinated with the idea of printing things at home. So why not get a 3D printer?

Well for one thing they are not cheap the MakerBot 5th Generation sells for 2,899.00. That is not small change. My interest stated to justify this cost. I started reading more about this model.

3D printers need more finessing that you might expect. It is not as simple as sending a document to a regular printer then your text and graphics come on the page. With 3D printers you need to constantly tweak and fix.  This is not a bad thing if you have the time and love to do this. However if you are busy, like I am, it can get frustrating.

I have read online here and here about many issues with the new 5th generation MakerBot printers. Ugh I’m disappointed. Seems like they are not ready yet. The geek in me wants to get one now and the practical me says to wait. Luckily there is somewhat of a solution to my dilemma.

Last June I attended a build your own 3D printer class at Hack Manhattan. I was able to build myself a workable 3D printer called the PrintrBot Simple. The time is right for me to find it and get back into the flow of configuration and tuning.

Here is my baby 3D Printer:

WordPress is taking a long time processing the video so I uploaded it to youTube:

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