Apple and Beats; I am Not Sure Why, But I Will Voice An Option Like Everyone Else

At the Store With Child Apple Beats

At first I was a Microsoft user. I built my own machines. I used DOS back in the day and WordPerfect. My first laptop was an IBM Lug-able. It was so heavy that you had to use a luggage cart. I switched to Apple in 2008. I admit it, I bought it because it was pretty. Now a days my main driver is the MacBook Air with max memory and max SSD. So when I heard about the Apple purchasing Beats I ask myself why.

I ride the subway almost every day. I love it. It is very convenient and I think it is (when it is not crowded) fun. When I am riding I see three kinds of headphones consistently. I count them. One are the distinctive white Apple headphones. Two are the Beats headphones. Third are the noticeably bad copies of the Apple and Beats headphones. Oh and some bluetooth headsets. From the standpoint of popularity I can see why Apple bought Beats.

As for quality…I have no idea. I am not an audiophile. I don’t care about converting all my songs to high bit rate. So when I hear that the Beats headphones are not great. I was like, to whom? How many audiophiles are there? CNET says that it is only one percent. So that means to me that only one percent of the population won’t buy Beats. A minor number. Everyone else is fair game.

I guess I might be getting older, but I may not buy beats either. The style is not me. Maybe I am in my Microsoft phase of headphones. The prettiness of Beats headphones may entice me later. I can’t say.
Photo credit: Alejandro Castro / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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