Saying Goodbye to MakeSimply

Robot Wave Goodbye

I am leaving MakeSimply as of the new year 2015. It was fun being the face of MakeSimply for over two years. Within that time I have done a lot for MakeSimply as one of its co-founders. Starting and bringing a new business to life is not easy and takes dedication. I love the hardware movement that has taken the startup scene by storm and so I loved creating a company that helps these hardware startups develop and manufacture their products. That love and my excitement will never end.

At the start of creating MakeSimply I knew little about manufacturing except for what my engineering degree gave me and the experience starting my hardware startup in 2009 called Social Hardware gave me. I took the lessons learned there and incorporated them into MakeSimply. I also used my years of experience as business person to help shape MakeSimply into a company with a great reputation. I got a crash course in manufacturing and loved it all the way. I used that love and passion to help MakeSimply make a good name for itself in the hardware scene in NYC.

We had a lot of accomplishments throughout the last year that I am proud of. Some of them (that I can mention) are the Cooper Hewitt Pen, Inclusion Table Tennis, Sponsor of the New York Hardware Meetup and NYCEDC Next Top Maker. There are many others that you will see come to reality this year. Stay tuned.

I will miss MakeSimply and they will miss me, but it is time to move on to new things.

I have seen the New York hardware community grow from hackerspaces/makerspaces to hardware meetups to accelerators and have watch the new hardware companies become successful. I have listened to the stories of these entrepreneurs and these stories have fuel my enthusiasm. I love these stories.

In the beginning of 2015 I will announce my new venture. Stay tuned to the next chapter in the Tech Chronicles of Alan Hyman.

Photo credit: NASARobonaut / Foter /CC BY