Twitter is not dying. It’s on the cusp of getting much bigger.


But Wall Street—along with everyone else who’s down on Twitter because it has “a growth problem”—is making a mistake by comparing it to Facebook. Twitter is not a social network. Not primarily, anyway. It’s better described as a social media platform, with the emphasis on “media platform.” And media platforms should not be judged by the same metrics as social networks.

Dying…no. How many people are consumers versus makers of content? What would happen if everyone would make content? I asked my self these questions and looked around for more information because for some reason to me this did not seem right.

I did not know this before, but only 1% of people create content on the web. It’s called the “1% Rule of Internet Culture”. So why is it disturbing that 44% of people that have signed up for Twitter have not tweeted. Sounds like to me that is not bad at all. Twitter has become the hub for a lot of people as their news source. So these people engage by reading. I would think that would be great for advertisers. Why should we have more people post? Do we want all that extra content out there? I don’t.

via Twitter is not dying. It’s on the cusp of getting much bigger..

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